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The auto production factory is located in Yueqing city, Wenzhou, China since 1998. Over the 20 years, DoFo became the leading producer of coil springs in Chang Jiang River District.


DoFo Spring Manufacturing Co., Ltd has been designing and manufacturing for electrical and auto aftermarket & auto parts industry, Home Appliance, etc. We have the largest selections of custom size springs available, and a large inventory of springs for quick shipment in this district.

Production Line

To meet the multi requirement of different spring types, DoFo builds 4 auto production lines on: compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs, wire forms and spring washers.

Our equipment performs a deflection rate below 1%, feed-backing from one of our customer Chint. We supply different small compression springs, heavy duty compression springs, valve springs for their HV/LV electrical apparatus.

                      quality-management-certification                  green-supplier-certification-from-chint

Quality Management

The material is acquired from suppliers with RoHS certification. The production process starts with raw material, continues through our CNC Coiling machines, Tempering Machines, Grinding Machines, Plating Machines. With stringent quality control, the products are qualified for shipping to customers worldwide.

The workshop complies with 6S management standard. We manage the production strictly, based on ISO certification. As we advocate, DoFo’s mission is striving for world class green spring supplier.


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    Management Philosophy & Shared Values

Machine Name Brand Name Quantity Number Of Years Used Condition
Spring Coiling Machine SCM3-80CNC 4 1 Acceptable
Spring Coiling Machine TCK-26CNC 18 3 Acceptable
Extension Machine CNC-10A 92 3 Acceptable
Thermal Treatment Furnace RJC530 2 2 Acceptable
CNC Spring End Grinder MH-002 24 5 Acceptable
Tensile Testing Machine 0-2000 N 7 3 Acceptable
Machine For Testing Torsion 0-200 N.mm 1 2 Acceptable
Projecting Apparatus NO information 1 2 Acceptable

Departments To Show

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extra-large-spring-line-4   grinding-machine-line-1   modern-testing-laboratory   tempering-machine-line-1