Compression Springs

Stock Compression Springs - Small Compression Springs

Helical Compression Springs are the most frequently used springs in our daily life. It’s typically an open coil helical spring with different diameters, coils, winding direction and pitches. It absorbs potential energy when compressed and release the energy after it is expanded.
Compression springs are found in many applications such as automotive, aerospace and consumer goods.  DoFo spring is a leading supplier in compression springs for auto parts and HV/LV apparatus, engine valve springs, damper springs for clutches, heavy equipment, etc.
Grinding is an important procedure for compression springs. DoFo has 10 grinding machines to meet requirement of different sizes.

DoFo Spring is a noted manufacturing company that produces variety of springs. Compression springs are used in variety of industries. It is one of the most efficient energy storage device. The role of compression spring is absorbing energy thus this device has become crucial in so many industries. Many operations are accomplished with the help of these special small compression springs. Today, compression springs are extensively used in variety of industries such as automotive. Compression spring act as shock absorber and makes the ride comfortable for the passengers. Small compression springs have also found their usage in aerospace and consumer products.

We have attained immense fame and trust of customers as prominent supplier. Whether you are seeking engine valve springs, damper springs for clutches or springs to be used in heavy equipment just contact DoFo Spring. Our company has invested heavily in improving the manufacturing process, we have several grinding machines to meet the requirement of customers. Feel free to contact us for more information about stock compression springs catalogue.

DoFo Spring is very concerned about quality measures. We use only high quality material and manufacturing process that complies with international standards including ROHS Standard. We are very particular about quality and strictly adhere with all parameters while manufacturing small compression springs. If you are seeking reasonably priced, high standard and dependable small compression springs, then feel free to contact us. DoFo Spring has never looked back after commencing its manufacturing operations almost two decades back. Our wide network of dust free workshops and technical laboratories leaves no stone unturned to ensure that customers are provided with high quality products. We welcome challenges and face them using all legitimate means. The staff of DoFo Spring has always succeeded in fulfilling the expectations of customers by adhering with aspect of quality.

DoFo Spring supply chian:
  • Material: High Grade Spring Steel - Carbon steel - Stainless steel – Music Wire, all comply to the RoHS standard.
  • Wire Diameter Range: from 0.2mm to 19mm (0.001inch~0.75inch)
  • Tolerance: Actual manufacturing tolerances will depend on the spring specifics. Usually, we follow the tolerance according to the standard of “GB1239.3-89, Grade 2” in China.
  • Customized End Treatment: Close and Ground ends, close and not ground ends, open ends.
  • Surface Treatment Available: Prevent Rust oil, Black-dyeing, Paint drying, electrophoresis, Electroplating, zinc plating, Nickel plating, chrome plating, galvanization, passivation, ultrasonic washing, phosphorization, dacromet, teflon coating, environmental protection plating with ROHS test, salt spray test, etc.
  • 1 Year Guarantee Service